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Anonymous said: So being called anorexic constantly and being told that I'm too thin isn't skinny shaming? Being told that no man would ever want me because I don't have curves like a "real woman" isn't skinny shaming?



No, it’s misogyny. Misogyny places a woman’s value entirely in her attractiveness which holds all women up to impossible beauty standards. 

Thin people will never face discrimination like fat people do. Society collectively discriminates against being fat (media, fashion, medicine, public places like the beach, etc.) while society places thinness on a pedestal. 

Can thin people feel bad about themselves? Absolutely. And that really sucks. But that’s where it ends for thin people. Calling it skinny shaming, and saying it is just as bad as fat shaming derails the focus on the actual problem that is fat discrimination. 

No, the actual problem is that society feels like it has the authority to dictate how a woman should look, regardless of being appealing to men. Fat people don’t hold exclusivity on this issue. 

Your argument assumes that being thin automatically means you have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, which is both factually and contextually incorrect. And so is the concept that fat people’s discrimination is the only thing worth fighting for when we talk about bodies. 

The message should be that nobody gets an opinion on anyone elses’ body, not just fat people. 

And you don’t even realise that by segregating us, you are actually making it okay for people to comment on thin people’s bodies.

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